Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Loyal3 Recent Stock Purchases DPS, WMT, DNKN

I now have another portfolio I have started to build with my new Loyal 3 account. I recently added 3 positions to my new portfolio. I will continue to purchase dividend stocks through Sharebuilder but I like how I can purchase small amounts of shares with Loyal3. Loyal3 is also free trading so I don’t have to worry about paying a ton of fees with buying and selling. I will be making frequent purchases throughout the month, therefore I will lump all of my future stock purchases into one recent purchase article. So far I have added:
  • 2.56 shares of DPS on 6/10/14 at $58.56 per share
  • 3.05 shares of DNKN on 6/16/14 at 44.23 per share
  • .64 shares of WMT on 6/17/14 at $77.34 per share

I am still trying to get a good understanding of the Loyal3 interface. I have noticed that Loyal3 doesn’t give you much information about your current positions. For example they don’t keep track of your gain/loss for each position but this is something I can figure out on my own. I am hoping to add a few more positions by the end of this month and will keep everyone posted with my experiences with loyal3.

My Stocks

Dr Pepper Snapple (DPS)
Shares Owned
Share Price
Total Value


Wal-Mart (WMT)
Shares Owned
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Total Value

Dunkin (DNKN)
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  1. loyal3 sounds interesting. Having just added a 4th brokerage (motif), I'm not in the market right now for another but that could change eventually. It looks like a great way to add small pieces at a time.

  2. Hey Brent,
    I was skepitcal on adding a new brokerage, but so far I am happy with Loyal3. The free trading saves me a ton of money because I like investing small amounts at a time. They currently only offer about 55 companies but a lot of them are great dividend paying stocks. I have also heard great things about Motif. Good luck with your investments and thanks for stopping in to read my blog!

  3. I'm looking to add a new brokerage as a way to DCA into positions. I've pretty much narrowed it down to Motif or Loyal3 but what's keeping me from moving forward is the lack of a proven track record. I've only been investing a short while but I've heard plenty of horror stories of new brokerages popping up with great ideas but then they either go under or start tacking on a lot of fees. Any concerns that Loyal3 could have that happen since they don't charge a commission? As far as I know they only make money off the IPO market that they are involved in.

    1. Hey PIP,
      I am really happy so far with Loyal3. I opened an account with them so I can make smaller purchases with no fees. I understand your concern with new brokerages shutting down but I think Loyal3 will be successful as it gains popularity. So far. I have made 3 purchases this month and I plan on making another two with Loyal3. At Sharebuilder this would have cost me approximately $35.00 which takes a big chunk from my capital. Loyal3 makes money off of the IPOs and the companies available to purchase. I am assuming they make commission for every sale. If you use your credit card to make purchases, you can only buy up to $50.00 worth of shares at a time. The good thing about using your credit card is that the process for the transaction is one day earlier than using a checking account. I hope this helps!