Hello everyone and welcome to my blog!  The purpose of my blog is to share with the world my journey to financial freedom. I will be investing in high quality dividend growth stocks every month. The goal is to get up to 50 holdings so that I stay diversified in numerous sectors. I am hoping I can motivate others to save and invest even if it is not in the stock market.  I will try to answer all questions and comments posted on my blog in a timely fashion.  I am hoping to influence at least one person to start their journey to financial freedom because no one wants to work at the age of 70. I know I don't and that is why I have started my journey to investing! Thank you for visiting my blog!

About the Author

My name is Brian and I grew up in the town of Massachusetts. I am in my twenties and have a long way to go with saving money in order to retire comfortably. Growing up in a lower income middle class family has taught me so much about how be frugal with my money. I studied Computer Information Systems in college and currently have an Associate Degree. After college I found a part time career in my field working about 10-15 hours as an I.T. Director at a small Architectural Consulting firm. I also work full time at a residential program for adolescent boys on the overnight shift. Working two jobs has not been easy but I have come to realize that I want to retire at a younger age than what is expected. I am hoping that age will be 55 if I play my cards right. Maybe by then I can enjoy some of the hobbies I love (golfing, weight lifting, brazilian jiu jitsu, traveling, hiking, etc.) without having to worry about working 50+ hours per/week. I am now opening up a new chapter in my life and that is to focus on being financially free from being in the work force. I hope that everyone has great success with their investments and feel free to comment on my blog! 


  1. BJJ huh? I train in traditional Japanese jiu jitsu - with a lot more focus on locks and throws. Although we do a bit of ground work, its not really our/my forte.

    I did quite a bit of traveling/hiking while in my 20s although thats cut down a bit now...hopefully I'll return to it in the future.


    1. I really like BJJ and I am hoping to make it part of my lifestyle for a long time. The monthly cost is very reasonable in my area and I am very happy there. We did have Judo for a while but now it's BJJ/Kickboxing/MMA school. I am happy with just BJJ because it helps me stay fit, focused, and helps to relieve stress. The added bonus is that I am learning to defend myself with hand to hand combat.

      I really like hiking because I get a sense of freedom and a connection to the wilderness. New Hamshire has some of the best trails along the Kancamagus Highway. One of my favorite trips and the views are amazing. Thanks for stopping by! Best regards!

  2. Hi DM,

    Just stumbled upon your blog. It is exciting to see investor blogging about their investment journey, especially the beginner investor. Just like myself, I started this journey last year and begin blogging about it last month.

    All the best to you,

  3. Hi Mongrel, just out of curiosity, one year after your start of your blog, are you able to earn income from your blog already?