Friday, October 17, 2014

Loyal3 Stock Buys of the Week Edition #3

Sunken Ship off the Shore of Cape May, NJ

The market keeps heading downward which means I can now purchase the same great companies for an even lower price point. I plan on holding onto most of these companies for the next 30+ years so the price I pay now is irrelevant. We have been waiting for the prices on some stocks to come down for months and now that many companies are fairly valued, it is time to put some capital to work. Every week I have added to my current positions at Loyal3. The money I am able to invest is dependent on how much capital I have that week after the bills are paid. I also keep an emergency fund that is equal to six months of expenses. If I were to need a new car or lose my job, I would be able to just dig into that fund and not touch my stocks. However if I ever needed more money I could sell a few of the stocks that I have done well in. This would be a last resort situation but emergencies do come up. I would love to invest into the energy and financial sectors but I see a little more devaluation ahead in those sectors. For now I will be sitting in the sidelines investing in some of the companies I love. This week I was able to invest into the following companies:

Share Price
Div Yield
Average 2.69%





  1. Dividend Mongrel, where do you plan to keep your emergency fund for expenses? I currently have CD ladders at Ally for roughly 8 months of expenses. But, I am always happy to hear other ideas out there.

  2. Morrigan,
    I currently keep my emergency fund in a savings account earning .95% APY. I know it's not much but, I am able to access the funds quickly if I need it. I know SmartyPig is offering 1% APY on savings accounts and I think that is the best rate you can get nowadays. This month my emergency fund came in handy because I had to buy a new fridge and car parts. Both were costly but things do come up and I was glad to have that emergency fund on hand this month. I'll have to rebuild that fund back to the full amount in the upcoming weeks. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Good to see you averaging down in several positions. Definitely a benefit of slow, steady, regular investing. Keep on chugging along!

    1. W2R,
      I am liking the fact that I can average down on many great companies. I am ignoring all the noise in the market and my plan is to stay consistent by adding to my portfolio on a weekly basis. Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to see what your buying.

  4. Dividend Mongrel,

    Thanks for the reply. I created CD ladders (ranging in amounts of 1k, 2k, 3k) that mature every year. I use ally bank and do the Raise your Rate CDs (if the interest rate goes up, you can raise up your rate - I have already done this twice! it's awesome). They also have No Penalty CDs and "High" Yield CDs. My lowest interest rate is 1.18% and the highest is 1.30%.

    You should look into those.

    1. Morrigan,
      You can't go wrong with using a CD ladder. I wanted to start one a few months ago but I hate having my money tied up for a year or so. With the savings account I am getting a lower yield but I can access my funds without penalties. I will have to look into those "No penalty CDs" at ALLY bank. I didn't know that was even offered. Thanks for the update!

  5. Good stuff on averaging down your cost basis. Great purchases that you made.

    1. Tawcan,
      I hope to average down on other companies like DIS, MCD, and WMT while the price is still a great entry point. Looking forward to seeing what the market does next week. Have a great weekend!

  6. Thanks for sharing your recent purchases with us. A lot of similar names I see as your last purchase. That's cool. It's always good to average down or simply add to existing positions if Mr. Market hands you some better pricing. Like the UL, MCD and YUM buys.

    1. DivHut,
      UL, MCD, and YUM look good here and I will continue to average down if the market continues to dip. Lately YUM seems to be a little more attractive vs. MCD because of their international growth.

  7. Good buys, as they are all solid companies. I would love to add UL soon in my Loyal3 account. I'm loving this market at the moment, as many good companies are on sale.

    1. Agent,
      You can't go wrong with UL. Every household has at least a few UL products and I also love the AXE brand. This will definitely be a core holding of mine for years to come.