Sunday, March 22, 2015

March 2015 List of Buys

This post comes a little early because I don't see myself initiating anymore buys in March. I have a few big expenses to deal with by the end of the month such as vacation costs and car repairs. Overall I am happy that I was able to allocate a bunch of cash in the following companies.

Here is my total list of buys for the month of March:

Cost Basis
AT&T (T)
Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS)
Baxter (BAX)
BHP Billiton (BBL)
Coca-Cola (KO)
Coca-Cola (KO)
Coca-Cola (KO)
Diego (DEO)
Dunkin (DNKN)
Emerson Electric (EMR)
General Mills (GIS)
GlaxoSmithKline (GSK)
Kraft (KRFT)
Kraft (KRFT)
Kraft (KRFT)
Kraft (KRFT)
National Grid (NGG)
Pepsi (PEP)
Verizon (VZ)
Viacom (VIAB)
Wal-Mart (WMT)
Wal-Mart (WMT)
Wal-Mart (WMT)
What do you think of my list of buys for March?



  1. Where do you invest in? I'm guessing you have a bunch of free trades through your brokerage which is nice. I'd prefer to come up with a select few companies to invest in each and every month but with commissions is doesn't make sense. I own a piece of most of these companies so I'm all for adding to them. Looks like a lot of solid companies!

  2. I primarily invest in Loyal3, but I also use Motif Investing. I had 5 free trades given to me last month from Motif. I ended up using one of those trades for 10 companies that were mentioned above. Since Loyal3 is commission free, I use it for small buys throughout the month. It saves me a ton of money on fees. I also wont have to worry about selling fees if I ever need to go that route. That is of course if they keep the commission free platform. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Look like some nice purchases in there. It looks like I own a lot of them and a couple I wouldn't mind owning in the future.

    I wish my brokerage (Ameritrade) would offer free trades once in a while. You'd think they would feel the pressure from all the new competition and offer some type of rewards program. Make 10 trades and your next one is free or something. :-/

    1. CD,
      I couldn't agree with you more. I think that companies like Loyal3 and Motif are starting to draw the attention of young investors. It's crazy to pay commission fees on every single purchase for 30-40 years of your investing career. I know once in a while Motif will have like 50% off your next rebalance or trade. They also offer Motifs every week that cost $0 to buy, however I like my own personal Motif. It's definitely getting very competitive in the investing world. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Nice buy list! I too am building up my portfolio of my AT&T. Those tasty yields make me feel like a kid in a candy store (a candy store that pays you money). Your list looks pretty solid with a make-up of strong companies. I am however unsure on BNS with their ties of Canada. But perhaps we could be seeing a bottom in the Canadian Dollar decline?

    1. Mark Yenter,
      I feel the same way with AT&T and Verizon. Both of these companies are great long term investments with slow growth. I have seen BNS make it's rounds among other investors over the last month or so. It just so happens to be a part of my Motif of 10 stocks. I may continue to add if the prices continue to fall, however I am unsure if the Canadian Dollar will continue to decline like you mentioned. This is something I will have to research at some point. Thank you very much for stopping by!

  5. That is a long list of buys! Are these all automate ones? If not, any particular strategy to decide when and where to invest?

    1. DivGuy,
      I don't have a strict criteria, but I follow a small set of rules. 10 of these stocks I bought this month are part of a Motif. I decided to buy into that Motif when it fell by 7% earlier this month. I felt like this was the bottom and a great opportunity to buy more shares. I was certainly right for once and that Motif has bounced back so I made out pretty well in that aspect. The bonus side of it was I used some of the bonus money that Motif gave me for opening an account. KRFT, KO, PEP, and WMT are part of my Loyal3 portfolio which I have been focusing on trying to build a larger position in. Those 4 are not the cheapest right now however I feel like they will continue to provide at least average returns in the long term. I hope I answered your question. Thank you very much for stopping by!

    2. I see! Good moves then. Couldn't go much wrong with these strong buys, although I've always preferred KO over PEP, but that's just me! ;-)

  6. Congrats on investing close to $1,500. That's a great list of stocks to buy and I am glad to hold several stocks from that list. Do you use anything other than Loyal3 and Motif?

    1. DGJ,
      I started out using ShareBuilder, however I have never received any bonuses or incentives from them. I just let my stocks in that portfolio continue to reinvest the dividends. That portfolio is actually up quite a bit and it includes TGT, GE, INN, JNJ, and CAG. Last time I checked it was up 18% overall. I am just going to leave it alone and forget about it. Seems to be doing well on it's own.

  7. Congrats on investing close to $1,500 this month. These are great list of stocks and I am happy to own several of these stocks myself. Do you use anything other than Loyal3 and Motif?

  8. Looks like KRFT is being bought out and merged with Heinz. The juicy dividends were nice while they lasted. Hopefully the new merged company continues a similar payout.

  9. I think you have a lot of good buys in there. I'm partial to KO and PM (which you don't have). PM is near a 52 week low. (PM and KRFT used to be under the same company Altria group which is now MO before they all starting splitting and reforming and whatnot. That's why PM only has a few years of dividend history. Then MDLZ came into the mix and now Heinz. )

    KO, WMT, BNS, PEP, EMR, GIS are on my watch list in roughly that order.