Wednesday, August 6, 2014

I Got Nominated ... Be Very Affraid!

A Dividend Dream was kind enough to nominate me for a Liebster Award.  My nominations will be listed below of some great blogs who are very deserving of this award. Here are the questions I was asked to answer:

1. Was there, at any time, a moment where you had doubts about your investing strategy?
My first buy was Sony (SNE) for a few reasons. First a friend of mind convinced me that it was a great investment before the PS4 came out in the states. Shortly after I bought 45 shares the price dropped over 12%. The strategy of listening to friends was very doubtful after that.

2. What type of vacation do you prefer?
A hiking vacation in North Conway, NH.

3. What is the best advice you could give to someone unfamiliar with investing in stock markets?
Please read stock investing for Dummies. It helped me learn a ton of information. It was the perfect book for the absolute beginner.

4. What kind of other blogs do you follow on a regular basis (financial or otherwise) and why do you like it so much?
I follow a wide range of blogs but I really like the DGI blogs because I am following a similar strategy. I like seeing what other blogs are buying and how they are progressing.

5.What is your favorite meal or cuisine?
Sushi has been my favorite meal because we now have a great and affordable sushi bar close to my home.

My NOMINATIONS (no particular order):
1. Money Sense
2. Dividend Epiphany
3. Div Saver
4. DG Machine
5. Dividend Ladder

My questions for my nominees:
1. What was your worst investment?
2. What was your best investment?
3. What is your favorite alcoholic or non alcoholic drink?
4. What is your favorite city and why?
5. Which stock would you hold forever?

Thanks again for this great award!



  1. Just had hibachi which is good to! The nearby sushi bar also delivers till 2 am which is a plus.

  2. DM,

    Great to read more about you!

    I'm also a HUGE fan of sushi. I could eat it just about every day if not for the cost.

    Best regards.

    1. Hey Mantra,
      I was surprised with how affordable the lunch prices were compared to the dinner prices. You can get 3 types of sushi for $10.50 and for dinner it's about $5-6 each. I have learned that going out for lunch is always cheaper on the bill. One of the reasons is that I never feel the need to drink at those hours and the other is the specials for lunch are way better than for dinner. Thanks for the support! Look forward to reading your new post!

  3. Sushi is very popular here in west coast of Canada. You can find a sushi/Japanese restaurant basic every corner. That's our fast food version of McDonalds.

    Having been to Japan several times already I have to say our sushi is nothing compared to sushi in Japan. Yum sushi!

    1. Tawcan,
      I have been to Canada once when I was about 10 and I can't wait to go back. I love how friendly everyone is and the views are amazing. I can't remember which part I went to but I want to say it was Montreal. 2015 might be a great year to visit, but I am going to have to get in touch with you to find out which area is best to visit. Visiting Japan must have been a great time.

  4. Thanks for sharing. Yes dont listen to your friends for stock picks. That how I got roped into a few bad stocks lol. Live and learn and do your own damn research!

    1. A-G,
      It seems lately that I can't listen to my friends for anything. lol. It could have been worse, because Sony is making a small come back and I think the PS4 is beating the Xbox by a wide margin. The only reason I intend to hold SNE is because I have access to the Asian market. Furthermore, I think I have learned a another lesson this year besides stock picking. Don't let your friends borrow money! I'm a fool for that one.

  5. Dividends are great, especially in a tax deferred account. Growth is great too, except when it doesn't grow. Rental income is a bit more stable, but slightly more work.

    1. Hey NNL,
      I am hoping to buy an investment propery in 2015 in order to increase my passive income. It might be a little more work but I want to be able to receive multiple streams of income before I retire.