Monday, July 7, 2014

Recent Buy (AAPL, MAT, MSFT, UL)

The Landing, Newport, RI

The following stock orders have been executed for this week:

0.54 Shares of AAPL @ $95.16
1.10 Shares of UL @ $45.49
1.26 Shares of MAT @ $39.73
1.19 Shares of MSFT @ $42.04

I have updated my Loyal 3 portfolio in order to see where I stand as a whole. I like investing in multiple companies at a fair value. I am hoping that I will be able to make 4 purchases every week. Before I was investing in 1 company every month but I would rather make 16 smaller purchases with multiple companies in a single month. I am using Loyal 3 at the moment, so I am able to make 16 purchases every month for free. Let's take a look at some key points for each one of these companies:


  1. Apple offers innovative ideas and products and are out to change the world.
  2. Apple has an extremely strong product line over the next one to two years. The Iphone 6 will soon be in demand and is a larger screen device, will feature sapphire screen technology. A ton of other companies will have to play catch up with Apple in order to keep up. In the meantime Apple will probably sell millions of phones. Look for the Iwatch to break new ground and strengthen the eco-system.
  3. Very cheap P/E at 15.54 making it a bargain in today's market.
  1. One of the best european companies in my opinion. Unilever has excellent gains in the past couple years and has a steady and strong dividend to boot (3.27%). The fact is you see their staple products all around the world, from deodorant to food products. This is definitely a long stock you should keep in your portfolio for the next 10-40 years.
  2. Unilever has been a highly underrated company. They currently have great exposure to emerging markets. Also is the worlds leading producer of the worlds most popular beverage which is currently tea.
  3. Amazing growth pick for a company in this industry. Axe product line is awesome for teens and adults, and doing exceptionally well. AXE is one of the only products on the general market that is targeted towards the cologne market for young people. I would buy this in bunches if I could afford to and hold it forever. This is a generation stock, which I can pass on to my future beneficiary. 
  1. In the last two decades,  Mattel has consistently earned unusually high returns on equity and capital, and I think the chances are high that  consistent trend will not end in the near to medium future.
  2. Mattel owns a number of great brands that are still going to sell for the foreseeable future, though perhaps a tad less so than in the past. Barbie, American Girl, Disney licensed toys, Scrabble, Fisher-Price, Little People, Matchbox cars, Uno, Power Wheels, Winnie the Pooh, SpongeBob branded toys, Apples to Apples, etc. This is what some people might call a small monopoly in the toy business. 
  3. The P/E for Mattel is 15.91 with a dividend yield of 3.91%. A great buy with a great yield!  
  1. New aggressive leadership and still a titan with a reasonable current valuation. P/E at 15.64 and Dividend yield currently stands at a reasonable 2.69%.
  2. Halo 5
  3. In my opinion the Surface is better than the IPad. Microsoft is simply a leader and always has been in the technological industry. They will continue to perform as they always have. They bought Nokia earlier this year and that seems to be doing well. 


  1. Great picks! This is what I love about Loyal3. You can pick great companies in partial shares with no fees.

    Dear Dividend

  2. Hey DD,
    I like the loyal3 platform and I hope that in the future they will offer a wider range of companies to pick from. In the meantime I will continue to invest in the companies I mentioned above. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Thanks for sharing your recent buys. All strong companies and you have to love that no commish from Loyal3

  4. Thanks for commenting Div-Hut. I am hoping that the tech companies will continue their growth and continue paying dividends. I am bullish on AAPL and plan on adding more shares this month. They will most definitely push the price to $100 so I want to get in before then. Especially with the Iphone 6 on the way.