Thursday, April 27, 2017

Free Share of Stock at RobinHood

I am sure everyone is aware that Loyal3 will be moving over to a new platform. After reading the memo, I decided to cash out and move over my proceeds to RobinHood. I've been using RobinHood for over a year now and love the platform. The zero-commission trading on thousands of stocks makes it better than Loyal3. They also have an advanced API that integrates with TurboTax. It makes it much easier to pull your data so that you don't have to list each transaction come tax season. Additionally, you can have up to $1,000 of instant money to trade with per week. This is a huge plus because most brokers make you wait at least 1 business day before having access to your money. If anyone is interested in joining, I have a link where you can get 1 free share on a random stock if you use my invite link.

Join Robinhood and we'll both get a share of stock like Apple, Mcdonalds, or Starbucks for free. Make sure you use my link. Get 1 Free Share of Stock


  1. Very nice. too bad it isn't available here in Australia.

  2. BHG,
    I am sorry to hear that. Do you have any 0-commission alternative brokers available to you in Australia?

  3. Thanks for the tip. My sister in law was with L3 and is thinking about Robinhood now. I'll mention it to her. Happy to see you back online :)

    1. Hey DivHut,
      I acquired a few properties so I ended up having to liquidate some of my shares at Loyal3 for renovations. I am going to be changing my investing direction a little. I have a total of 3 units right now where I am getting 2 monthly incomes. The 3rd unit will be finished in a few weeks. I like having real estate as a backup investment.